More Information About the Virtual Workshop


Transitioning to High School

The transition to high school can be challenging.  Expectations are higher, demands on schedules increase, and the stress of balancing academics with athletic and other extracurricular goals can be overwhelming.  This virtual workshop is specifically designed for rising 9th grade young women with the goal of providing them with skills and specific tips and strategies to help them succeed in high school.


Covid-19 and the Impact on Teens

The content that will be covered in this virtual workshop is of special importance now as teens are experiencing greater levels of stress and anxiety due to the disruption and uncertainty resulting from Covid-19. Each speaker will present their content with special consideration given  to these circumstances and how they impact rising 9th graders. For more information about Covid-19 and how teens can best navigate these challenging times, check out the Resources page. 


Mind, Body and Soul

Young women today are faced with many pressures. They must learn to balance competing demands while taking care of their own health and wellness.  Often it can be difficult to maintain a positive attitude and growth mindset when faced with the high expectations of school, family, and community. This virtual workshop is centered around the theme of nourishing your mind, body and soul and is designed to help young women develop the important skills they need for high school and beyond.


What to Expect at the Virtual Workshop

During this fun workshop, eighth grade young women will have the opportunity to learn from expert panelists on the topics of nutrition, sleep, mental health and wellness, healthy balance, community service and confidence-- all emphasizing the transition to high school. Participants will also enjoy a yoga break and raffle prizes! This workshop will virtually bring together eighth graders from all around the nation. Please share this event with the 8th grade women in your community! 

About our Founder


Emma Scielzo

Emma is an 11th grader at Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, MD.  She recognizes the importance of nourishing the mind, body and soul in order to stay healthy and be well! Emma is excited to present the second annual workshop and is looking forward to sharing valuable resources, tips and strategies with eighth grade girls in her community. Please check out her Blog and Resource page to learn more.